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krewedelusion, New Orleans’ most inclusive, surreal & satirical Carnival parade, will celebrate its 10thanniversary by bringing its most concentrated, powerful and family-friendly offering ever through the streets of downtown New Orleans.  

Since its inception, krewedelusion has declared New Orleans to be the Center of the Universe. This year it answers a new question, “what is the center of New Orleans?”

Captain Oscar Diggs announced today that, “had this question been posed in the mid-to-late 20thCentury, the answer would likely have been that the Center of New Orleans was the living room of Tremé cultural icon and 6th Ward native Lois Andrews Nelson who has been appointed Ruler, has accepted the throne and shall be crowned Mother of Music & Captain of New Orleans!

“The whole world has to come together and be free,” stated the soon to be Ruler, “New Orleans is a gumbo pot with all these different cultures coming together and I’m honored to be the roux. I know how to stomp all the evil and hatred out of the world. I like to have fun, when you have fun it makes life better. I want all the hating to stop. Let’s teach the world to parade together, New Orleans style, and let the good times roll!”

Lois Andrews Nelson holds a unique position in the New Orleans cultural community as one of the city’s few female Grand Marshals, a 30+ year member of the Money Wasters’ Social Aid & Pleasure Club, a founding member of the Dumaine Gang Social Aid & Pleasure Club and as one of the ladies who revived the Gold Diggers Baby Dolls, a group that thrived in 1920s celebrations of Carnival. To honor her Rule, The Mother of Music shall be joined in krewedelusion’s 10thAnniversary parade by the Gold Diggers Baby Dolls and members of The Baby Doll Sisterhood, an organization graced by the participation of many groups who mask as Baby Dolls on Carnival day.

Lois Andrews Nelson is the daughter of legendary singer/songwriter Jessie “Ooh Poo Pa Do” Hill, granddaughter of Guitar player Walter Nelson who played with Alphonse Picou and niece of Fats Domino’s Guitarist Walter “Papoose” Nelson. Lois Andrews Nelson’s home and workplace were the cradles for an entire generation of brass bands and musicians frequented by The Rebirth Brass Band, New Birth Brass Band, Lil Rascals Brass Band, Tremé Brass Band, Chosen Few Brass Band, and countless others including those of her sons James Andrews (The All Stars Brass Band) and Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews (The 5 O’Clock Brass Band).

Lois Andrews Nelson worked making ceramics to procure instruments for the children who played in her home and encouraged them to form young bands that practiced parading in the streets of the Tremé neighborhood. Then, taking it to the next level, in the early 1990s she ran a 6thWard Barroom on the corner of St. Philip and North Robertson that she named “Trombone Shorty’s” after her son who was too young to go in the bar (but was sometimes snuck in to perform), and provided a venue for these up and coming brass bands to hone their craft.  Her efforts helped them grow up to become the backbone of the musical community New Orleans enjoys today.

Keeping its annual parade theme a guarded secret until the kick-off of their parade, krewedelusion has blossomed under what the Times-Picayune described as “a heady self-made philosophy and governance that declares the Big Easy the center of the Universe …” and [by giving their Ruler absolute power over absolutely everything] “takes the time-honored conceit of Carnival royalty to its most literal and absurd endpoint… using the traditional structure of Mardi Gras as its own satirical platform.” On krewedelusion is described as, “juuuust right” and after witnessing last year’s offering it stated it doubtful that, “there will be a better parade than krewedelusion.”

As part of their mission to save the Universe, krewedelusion has always put the “green” in purple, green & gold by using “mule-free, fuel-free” hand-operated floats and by encouraging its members to give handmade, do-it-yourself throws crafted from naturally abundant or recycled materials. This year krewedelusion will take this to a new level by debuting an Innerkrewe that will be doing the opposite of giving out throws. “The Trashformers” have devised a fun and creative way of engaging with the crowds to encourage interactive recyclable collection of unwanted beads, cans and plastic cups from within the parade itself.

Lead this year by the ARISE Academy Marching Band, Innerkrewes of krewedelusion currently include: “Amigos de los Amigos”; “The AlKreweists”; “Krewe of Bananas”; “Krewe du Jieux”; “Krewe du Sue”; “Krewe de Seuss”; “The Noisician Coalition”, “Her Royal Heinie & The Pony Girls” and, introducing for the very first time in the streets of New Orleans, “The L Train Brass Band”; “…and Boleyns” and, as mentioned above, the Trashformers!

krewedelusion is still open to individuals and new innerkrewes. Join an existing innerkrewe through or start your own Innerkrewe by emailing Dues are currently $75.00 and will go up to $90.00 after 12th Night, January 6, 2018. No parade participation fees will be accepted after February 6, 2019 at 11:59pm

krewedelusion operates as a dictablanda that appoints a Benevolent Ruler, embraces transparency and has a safeword.

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