Press: Harry Shearer to Rule (once again) Over krewedelusion, New Orleans and EVERYTHING ELSE!

krewedelusion GOES TO 11

krewedelusion will celebrate its 11th episode on Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 7:15PM.

Since its inception, krewedelusion has declared New Orleans to be the Center of the Universe and this year will come full spiral to critically examine its decade-long history with a joyful and thoroughly solipsistic analysis of its unique contributions to Carnival lore. By embracing last year’s mission to “Think Locally and Act Globally” this year krewedelusion shall exponentially redouble its sincerity to empower its Ruler to truly Save the Universe!

To this effect and end, Captain Oscar Diggs announced today that, “Because history’s repetitions are thermodynamically and metaphorically unsustainable, our Seeds of Revolution can only blossom in 20/20 hindsight, and it is with this corrective vision that I have the honor to fulfill my duty to reveal that Le King-at-Large, Harry Julius Shearer, has once again accepted the appointment to RULE over krewedelusion, New Orleans and everything else!”

“We’re going to embrace the swamp, rewater the swamp, and re-swampulate the swamp” said Shearer, the Once and Future King, “Revolution is Delusion, so join the krewedelusion Revolution!” Harry Shearer was krewedelusion’s Inaugural Ruler when the political scenery was the 2010 Mayoral election in New Orleans. Now, over a decade later, against a background of what may likely be America’s most contentious election, Harry Shearer shall once again be empowered to bypass, and Reign Supreme over all these politics, and parade the world into a new era of political consciousness. “Benevolent autocratic dementia is a form of government in which I still can believe,” Shearer said, “but it’s got to be benevolent! And I have to remember to believe in it.” 

krewedelusion operates as a dictablanda that appoints a Benevolent Ruler, embraces transparency and has a safeword; and in 2010, the year of krewedelusion’s inaugural parade, Le King-at-Large bestowed a saying upon the Krewe that became its First Amendment and henceforth guided its evolution: “Organization is DelusionRevisit Harry Shearer’s 2010 legacy with krewedelusion here! MOREOVER, krewedelusion is doubling-down, as the first Carnival Krewe in memory to break New Orleans’ unwritten “Carnival Double Jeopardy Law” by having the same Ruler twice!

Harry Shearer’s career stretches from his being a youngster on the Jack Benny Show through the beginnings of Saturday Night Live. He is perhaps best known for creating the voices of over a dozen beloved Simpsons characters, and for his alter ego Derek Smalls, whose lukewarm contributions to the iconic heavy metal band “Spinal Tap” have recently culminated in a new solo album “Meditations Upon Ageing” that premiered in 2018 as a live concert in New Orleans.

Harry Shearer became a local New Orleans hero with the release of his film, “The Big Uneasy”, which not only critically examined the human errors in engineering and judgment that lead to the flooding of our city, but also advocated for adopting a Dutch-style holistic approach to preventing flooding moving forward (that was ultimately not embraced by the governments that had failed us). He continues to host Le Show, a syndicated weekly public radio show that is now based locally at WWNO in New Orleans; it is here that he makes a nice corn-beef-hash-for-the-ears from satirical news, music, sketch comedy and political commentary.

Keeping its annual parade theme a secret until the day of their parade, krewedelusion has blossomed under what the Times-Picayune described as “a heady self-made philosophy and governance that declares the Big Easy the center of the Universe …” and [by giving their Ruler absolute power over absolutely everything] “takes the time-honored conceit of Carnival royalty to its most literal and absurd endpoint…[krewedelusion is] using the traditional structure of Mardi Gras as its own satirical platform… has described krewedelusion as, “juuuust right!”

As part of their mission to save the Universe, krewedelusion has always put the “green” in purple, green & gold by using “mule-free, fuel-free” hand-operated floats and by encouraging its members to give to the crowds only handmade, do-it-yourself throws crafted from naturally abundant or recycled materials. Last year krewedelusion greened up its game by opening its satirical platform up to New Orleans’ first interactive recycling phenomena, the TrashFormers!

Get your Kicks While it’s Still $66

If you ever wanted to start your own Satirical Carnival Krewe then now is the time to do it! krewedelusion is still open to individuals and new Innerkrewes. Join an existing Innerkrewe through or start your own Innerkrewe by sending an email to

Parade participation fees are being maintained at $66.00 until the December FUNdraiser and then will increase periodically as the parade date approaches.

October 29, 2019

Press Contact: Antonio Garza (5O4) 915 3539
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