Press: Get Delusioned

“On February 19, 2011, krewedelusion, The Big Easy’s newest satirical parade, will roll once again through the streets of the Marigny and French Quarter.

krewedelusion is a collection of old and new Innerkrewes gathered under what the Times Picayune described as, “a heady, self-made philosophy and governance that declare the Big Easy the center of the Universe. . . [and by giving their Ruler absolute power over absolutely Everything] . . . taking the time-honored conceit of Carnival royalty and following it to its most literal and absurd endpoint.”

Keeping its annual theme a secret until the start of their parade, krewedelusion is the root organization from which a myriad of small upstart and existing parading clubs have blossomed. “If you ever wanted to start your own satirical Krewe, this is the club to do it with,” said Captain Oscar Diggs. “In Episode One, before last year’s the elections, we planted the “Seeds of Revolution” and put Harry Shearer in charge of Everything; this year, in Episode Two, we’re going Deeper!””

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