Press: Cheeky Blakk Named krewedelusion Queen


“Even though Krewe du Vieux is coming early, there will still be plenty of parade action to keep you satisfied. Immediately following the ass-drawn floats and brass bands of the satirical parade will be Episode four of krewedelusion. With people-pulled floats and even more satire, the fledgling group will take to the streets once again in hopes of proving even further that New Orleans is the center of the universe.

We caught up with the Special Assistant to Oscar Diggs to find out what makes this year’s libation-fueled flight of fancy stand out among the rest. In the spirit of Carnival, the spokesman wishes to remain anonymous.

For their fourth year, krewedelusion is putting the green in purple, green and gold. “We’re making every effort in our power to make our parade the greenest parade possible,” said the mysterior spokesperson. “We’re not using any beads unless they’ve been recycled, and most of our throws will be made out of recovered materials.””

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