Press: BLAINE KERN SR. TO RULE OVER krewedelusion, New Orleans and EVERYTHING ELSE!

On the Night of Delusion, January 23, 2015, at approximately 6:45pm, krewedelusion, the inclusive, surrealist & satirical Carnival parade, will once again roll through the streets of the Marigny and French Quarter, ending at “The Bedlam Ballwhich shall begin at 9:00pm.

Captain Oscar Diggs announced today that seventh-generation New Orleanian Blaine Kern Sr., “ Has been appointed Ruler, has accepted the throne and shall be crowned King Bragadocious & Captain of New Orleans!

“I’ve been putting on parades for over seventy years, practically all the big ones in New Orleans and all over the world, but krewedelusion is unique. Being King is going to be exhilarating!” said Mr. Kern. “I turned down a job with Walt Disney over fifty years ago. Darwin Fenner, Captain of Rex at the time, sent me to Europe out of his own pocket to learn how to make floats in Valencia Italy. He said I could do more for myself and more for New Orleans by staying here at home. Mardi Gras was opening up to everybody. I became the big fish in a little pond, the craziest and most interesting little pond in the Universe. I’ve since built Disney all over the world, but I would have never imagined anything like krewedelusion.

“Mr. Kern,” Captain Diggs continued, “marched to the beat of his own drum and pursued his own vision during the slowly changing times when the politics of Mardi Gras underwent its most dramatic upheaval. In his own Bragadocious way, he is indicative of the heart, soul and madness of our unique New Orleans culture that is krewedelusion!”

Keeping its annual parade theme a guarded secret until the kick-off of their parade, krewedelusion has blossomed under what the Times-Picayune described as “a heady self-made philosophy and governance that declares the Big Easy the center of the Universe …” and [by giving their Ruler absolute power of absolutely everything] “takes the time-honored conceit of Carnival royalty to its most literal and absurd endpoint… using the traditional structure of Mardi Gras as its own satirical platform.” On krewedelusion is described as, “juuuust right”.

As part of their mission to save the Universe, krewedelusion puts the “green” in purple, green & gold by using “mule-free, fuel-free” hand-operated floats and by encouraging its members to give only throws made of naturally abundant or recycled materials.

The Bedlam Ball is a celebration of grandeur, beginning at 9:00pm at Café Istanbul featuring Tank and the Bangas and an evening of insane surprises! The Bedlam Ball will be open to the general public; further details about the parade and ball to be announced.

krewedelusion is still open to individuals and new innerkrewes. Additionally, for the first time since its inaugural parade under Le King-at-Large, Harry Shearer, an Army of Clowns will escort the Ruler along the parade route. Join the Army of Clowns and list Oscar Diggs as your Captain. Dues will increase January 1, 2016. For more information regarding how to participate in or witness The Night of Delusion, please be in touch with our above named contact.

– We’re off!

Press Contact: Renee Heinlein