TRIXIE MINX TO RULE OVER krewedelusion, New Orleans and EVERYTHING ELSE!

On January 31, 2015, at approximately 7:15pm, krewedelusion, the surrealist & satirical Carnival parade, will once again roll through the streets of the Marigny and French Quarter, beginning and ending at the Den of Delusion on the corner of St. Ferdinand Street & Architect Alley where “The Bedlam Ball” will begin at 9:00pm.

“We are honored,” Captain Oscar Diggs announced today, “that Internationally Renowned Producer, Performer and Burlesque Star, Trixie Minx, shall be our next Ruler and shall be crowned “Empress of the Insane & Captain of New Orleans!” “It is my ruling that each member of our beautiful & broken city pursues a revolution of self which in turn will create a revolution & evolution of New Orleans as a whole,” said Ms. Minx. “Be the positive change you want in your community & inspire those around you. Or simply, don’t be a dick.”

Trixie Minx (@TrixMinx)

“Trixie Minx,” Captain Diggs continued, “leads the revival of the art of tease. She produces and performs in dozens of shows throughout the Burlesque scene and is best known for creating Fleur de Tease, Burlesque Ballroom, Creole Sweet Tease, and dancing with the New Orleans BINGO! Show. She is indicative of the heart & soul of our unique culture that is krewedelusion!” Keeping its annual parade theme a guarded secret until the kick-off of their parade, krewedelusion has blossomed under what the Times-Picayune described as “a heady self-made philosophy and governance that declares the Big Easy the center of the Universe …” and [by giving their Ruler absolute power of absolutely everything] “takes the time-honored conceit of Carnival royalty to its most literal and absurd endpoint… using the traditional structure of Mardi Gras as its own satirical platform.”

As part of their mission to save the Universe, krewedelusion puts the “green” in purple, green & gold by using “mule-free fuel-free” hand-operated floats and by encouraging its members to give only throws made of naturally abundant or recycled materials. The Bedlam Ball is a celebration of grandeur, conceptualized by Empress herself, beginning at 9:00pm in the Den of Delusion featuring musical entertainment with bounce houses, go-go dancers, a pillow fighting arena and an evening of other insane surprises!

The Bedlam Ball is open to the public at a cost of $10.00. Membership in krewedelusion is still open. For more information regarding how to participate in or witness The Night of Delusion, please make interview arrangements with our above named contact. – We’re off!

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