Press Release: krewedelusion – A Parade With A Purpose


Davis Rogan to Begin his Reign over krewedelusion, New Orleans, and Everything Else

krewedelusion, The Big Easy’s newest satirical parade, will coronate its second Ruler, Davis Rogan. A Press Conference shall be held after the Coronation.

Those members of the Press and of the Media who wish to attend should send a request to Limited seating will be available to the Press and to the Media for the Coronation itself by special request.

“While the appropriate time and occasion are closely guarded secrets,” said Captain Oscar Diggs at a special meeting, “Davis Rogan shall become Delusion II, our Enlightened Despot & Captain of New Orleans! We shall parade him through the streets of the Center of the Universe.”

The parade route for Saturday, February 19, 2011, 7:15pm, will be released at the Coronation, and the current parade bands include The Pinstripe Jr. Brass Band, The Free Spirit Brass Band and DRUMCART!

krewedelusion Innerkrewe protest update:

The recent military dissolution of the Egyptian Parliament, and the revolutionary shockwave it sent throughout the entire region, had fueled krewedelusion Innerkrewe protestors in a variety of unusual ways. Due to a stunning collaboration led by two veteran Krewes— The AlKreweists, whose members came to New Orleans to help us and stayed, and Krewe du Coup, whose perpetual takeovers and makeovers exemplify sustainable leadership–The Bearded Oysters will dig in making things slicker, and the Krewe of Scorpios will begin a sting operation to reorient the zodiac for the next great cycle.

The Noisician Coalition, The 6t’9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club, The Mysick Krewe of Pataphysicians, the Krewe of White Devils, the Krewe of Bananas, The Camel Toe Lady Steppers, and the Pony Girls, Krewe du Jieux, Krewe du Coup, Krewe du Sue, Amigos de los Amigos, The Pussyfooters, Krewe du Muu-Muu, The Krewe of Amzie, Krewe of Da Rat Paw, The Krewe of Two, and of course The Krewe of Tourists all look forward to watering the Seeds of Revolution!

On February 19th, 2011, the kickoff party begins at 4:00pm in the Mardi Gras Zone warehouse on Architect Street between Port and St. Ferdinand. The parade will roll down Royal Street, through the French Quarter, and disband at the Celebration of Grandeur at Vaso, 500 Frenchman Street.

Headlining that night is D.J. Rusty Laser & Cheeky Blakk, Debauche, with a Royal tableau at Midnight. The Celebration of Grandeur is open to the public at a cover charge of $10.00. Doors Open at 7:30pm

Any and all profits may be used at the discretion of Enlightened Despot & Captain of New Orleans Davis Rogan, to fulfill the mission of krewedelusion. This past year, funding was given to Roots of Music and Common Ground Relief with the blessings, and at the instruction of Le King-at-Large, Harry Shearer.