PRESS: krewedelusion episode 11 – A Royal Invitation from Harry Shearer

A Royal Invitation from Harry Shearer: King Plenipotentiary & Captain of New Orleans!

Harry Shearer announced today, “As the soon-to-be-crowned King Plenipotentiary & Captain of New Orleans, I am empowered to open my official Royal Family to welcome those who seek to escape the confines of other, less cool, Royal Families. This is an invitation to Prince Harry and his wife Meghan to join us, either in person or through more ethereal means, as we parade through the French Quarter and adjoining neighborhoods on Saturday Feb 8, 2020: “The Night of Delusion.” They will be treated like Royalty because, it turns out, they are.”

To all who love Carnival may this news bring you joy! krewedelusion shall once again parade our new Ruler through the French Quarter and adjoining neighborhoods for all to witness, enjoy and celebrate! the claim that the once-and-future King is the first to ever be chosen to rule by the same Carnival Krewe twice is still undisputed rule-once-again/! Notice to the Universe has been given that while Nations and States have had their moment in the Sun, and the Lord of Misrule shall rule Mardi Gras Day, DELUSION shall (again and henceforth be recognized to) Rule all other days! Leaders of all Governments shall be given notice that peaceful surrender will be met with a warm, embracing and glorious future.

The Laissez Boys of New Orleans shall serve as the King Plenipotentiary’s Royal Honor Guard and the enlightened participants in the procession comprise krewedelusion’s Innerkrewes: The AlKreweists; Krewe of Bananas; Krewe de Mayahuel; Krewe du Jieux; The Baby Dolls; Krewe de Libertas; Her Royal Heinie & The Pony Girls; Krewe du Moi; Krewe du Fool; Krewe du Sue; The L Train Brass Band Krewe; … and Boleyns; Krewe de Seuss and the interactive recycling Krewe: The Trashformers! *Notice is hereby given to all parade-goers that they can each help save the planet by giving their cans, cups and other recyclable materials directly to the costumed Trashformers during the parade! This year’s, “Protector of the Parade” will be a representative of La Familia del Sur, an LGBT advocacy group.

And, if you ever wanted to start your own Satirical Carnival Krewe, then now is the time, and krewedelusion is the parade with which to do it! krewedelusion is still open to individuals and new Innerkrewes. Visit to join an existing Innerkrewe or start your own Innerkrewe by emailing! Parade participation fees are currently $88.00 but increase periodically as the parade date approaches.

The Night of Delusion begins on corner of Franklin and Royal making its way up Royal St. into the French Quarter, turning down Toulouse and then coming back down Decatur St to Frenchman St. where it will end at krewedelusion’s annual “Bedlam Ball”, this year being held at D.B.A. – 618 Frenchman Street.  Please see the attached Route Sheet and previous Press Release for more about episode 11!