Press: Harry Shearer Refuses to Abdicate His Reign Over krewedelusion, New Orleans and EVERYTHING ELSE!

krewedelusion goes to Sustains at 11

Powerful Plans for January 30, 2021: The Night of Delusion

On February 8, 2020, krewedelusion became the first Carnival Krewe in history to break New Orleans’ unwritten “Carnival Double Jeopardy Law” by having the same Ruler twice!

That Ruler was krewedelusion’s first Ruler; actor, comedian and local New Orleans Hero Harry Shearer who recently proclaimed, “last year, everybody in krewedelusion had great energy, great dedication to the cause, and great attitude. The parade celebrating my second coming to the throne was perfect in every way, and being perfect in every way, I must remain in power to complete our Mission to save the Universe, from the Center of the Universe, New Orleans. We’re going to do something powerful on the Night of Delusion: On January 30, 2021, we’re going to do nothing… and it is my official decree for all to follow suit.”

In a short virtual announcement yesterday, Captain Oscar Diggs announced, “Delusionists! krewedelusion intended to celebrate its 12th Anniversary as usual, on January 30, 2021, with the appointment of a New Ruler to lead us on our mission. Having gone to 11, however, we now find ourselves jammed there. It is a situation we knew might someday arise. Our Innerkrewes are reacting in various ways and it is uncertain precisely what will emerge from the resultant chaos! In episode 8 a Supreme Court of past Rulers was forged and this matter shall be brought before them for judgment. If they rule that a refusal to abdicate the throne is not benevolent, we may, for the first time, have to invoke our Safeword. Until this matter has been peacefully resolved, King Harry Shearer shall continue to rule benevolently.

Attached is a small film that was released yesterday by our Innerkrewe Krewe de Libertas.

Have a safe and socially distanced Carnival.

Press Contact: Antonio Garza
(5O4) 915 3539