In light of the international catastrophe brought on by the results of the 2016 election and the appointment of a league of kleptocrats to steer the mechanics of the United States government, the only way for humanity to move forward is to acknowledge this moment as abhorrent and historic.  While we must hope for the best, hope is only the beginning of a plan.  Thus, to this effect, krewedelusion shall make an unprecedented break with Carnival tradition for episode 8 of its annual Carnival offering.

Today Captain Oscar Diggs announced and tweeted, “THIS YEAR krewedelusion WILL NOT APPOINT A BENEVOLENT RULER!”  Instead our celebration in the streets of New Orleans will be an uprising of the people governed by a radical reorganization of our current administration.  We encourage people and krewes to abandon their new rulers and we invite everyone and every krewe that treasures freedom, and ever wanted to hit the historic streets of New Orleans, to join us February 11th on “The Night of Delusion”.

On only a fistful of occasions throughout history, usually due to outbreaks of global warfare and famously in 1979 due to police strike, some or all New Orleans Mardi Gras Krewes have decided not to parade.  However, to the best of our research, knowledge and belief, and according to our current Ruler, King Bragadocious, “Mr. Mardi Gras” Blaine Kern Sr., no Carnival Krewe has ever hit the streets without royalty. 

krewedelusion is a dictablanda that appoints a benevolent ruler, embraces transparency and has a safeword. Keeping its annual parade theme a guarded secret until the kick-off of their parade, krewedelusion has blossomed under what the Times-Picayune described as “a heady self-made philosophy and governance that declares the Big Easy the center of the Universe …” and [by giving their Ruler absolute power of absolutely everything] “takes the time-honored conceit of Carnival royalty to its most literal and absurd endpoint… using the traditional structure of Mardi Gras as its own satirical platform.”  Our current Ruler, King Bragadocious, “Mr. Mardi Gras” Blaine Kern Sr., has called krewedelusion “unique in all of Carnival” and in comparing the various marching clubs of New Orleans, described krewedelusion as, “juuuust right”.

krewedelusion is still open to individuals and new innerkrewes.  Dues are currently $100.00 but will increase January 18, 2016.  For more information regarding how to participate in or witness The Night of Delusion on February 11th 2017, please contact our above named press contact.

Obama has bid us farewell, Trump has courted the press and now we’re picking up the mic.

We’re off!

Press Contact: Antonio Garza
Phone: (504) 205-1952
Twitter: @krewedelusion