Past Episodes


Queen: Lois Andrews Nelson

Episode 10 : Think Locally, Act Globally

DJ Soul Sister
Queen: DJ Soul Sister

Episode 5 : Fruits of our Labor

King: Washboard Chaz

Episode 9 : Pay to Play

Queen: Cheeky Blakk

Episode 4 : Branches of Government

The People Shall Rule

Episode 8 : Rise Up

King: Randy Fertel

Episode 3 : Roots of The Future

King: Blaine Kern Sr.

King: Blaine Kern Sr.

Episode 7 : Carnival Politics

King: Davis Rogan

Episode 2 : Deepwater Delusion

Queen: Trixie Minx

Queen: Trixie Minx

Episode 6 : Metamorphacity

King: Harry Shearer

Episode 1 : Seeds of Revolution