Press: Alternative Mardi Gras Krewes

“On Mardi Gras morning in 2012, a 20 foot tall, 2500 pound Trojan horse appeared in the intersection of Royal and Franklin in front of Mimi’s.Its head neighed while a steampunk-clad warrior fired a cannon of purple smoke above a crowd of costumed revelers.The Trojan horse, made by a little known group called the Krewe of Ragnarok, was a force, seemingly on the wrong side of Canal Street—it was surprising, flamboyant, and unreal, everything that Mardi Gras celebrates, but it was also handmade and hand-pushed.This too was Mardi Gras, not the Mardi Gras of St. Charles Avenue, but a spirit that rolls back further, when wooden floats were dragged through the French Quarter, routes were unscripted, and plastic beads were not coveted.


Krewe of Ragnarok, Krewe du Vieux, Krewe Delusion, Chewbacchus, and other groups provide an experience to both participants and audiences that is alternative to those of super krewes.Each produces a different creative output, but they’re all threaded together by key qualities: inclusivity, collective creativity through workshops, handmade pieces, and more eco-friendly practices.

The Krewe of Ragnarok is especially antithetical to the super krewe model.Membership and dues are kept low.Krewe members have a direct hand in making everything.The float, like the throws, is handmade and pushed along an unplanned route, making it hard to find on Mardi Gras day.”

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