Innerkrewe Expectations

  1. During parade season an Innerkrewe Captain (or designated representative) shall attend monthly Captains Meetings. There will be meetings on an as-needed basis as we near the parade date. Meetings are generally mandatory.
  1. Each Innerkrewe member will be expected to complete a parade-participation application and pay parade-participation fees to krewedelusion. Dues will increase as the parade date approaches.
  1. Each parade participant agrees to indemnify and hold krewedelusion, and its employees, agents, officers, directors, managers, members, owners and/or principals (collectively “Indemnified Parties”) harmless from any and all losses, damages, liability, or expenses, including reasonable attorneys fees and costs, incurred by or asserted against krewedelusion, as well as its employees, agents, officers, directors, managers, members, owners and/or principals, arising from loss of life, personal injury, and/or property damage, caused by or resulting from, in whole or in part, (i) any act or omission of any of the indemnified Parties.
  1. There will not be any form of commercial advertising displayed in our parade or distributed as throws. Commercial advertising is the promotion, directly or indirectly, of any commercial products or services.  Promoting your own Innerkrewe is not considered commercial advertising.  Violation of our ethos in this matter is cause for Innerkrewe suspension.
  1. The krewedelusion theme is a secret revealed only to parade-participating, fee-paying Captains. Innerkrewes then work with their members to create an Innerkrewe motif that is stylistically and thematically relevant to the krewedelusion The krewedelusion theme is kept SECRET until the DAY of the PARADE.
  1. Your Innerkrewe will be expected to make and carry a banner, distribute throws and wear costumes relating to the krewedelusion theme (with your Innerkrewe twist).
  1. Each Innerkrewe may bring “fuel-free, mule-free” floats as well as other elements that visually display their Innerkrewe vision of the krewedelusion Designated float pushers/bicycle and/or tricycle drivers will complete parade-participation applications and pay a $50 parade-participation fee.
  1. As is our tradition for Carnival, we are committed to non-prurient satire and parody. We realize these matters may be considered subjective and to address that potential challenge it is incumbent upon Captains to discuss in detail all questionable elements of their parade presentation with their fellow Captains at our meetings. To clarify, all Innerkrewes will refrain from displaying on floats, banners or their persons items such as sex toys or manufactured genitalia or representations of such. Any additional questions regarding good taste that are not agreed upon at monthly meetings will be decided by the Arbiter of Taste. Violation of our ethos in this matter is cause for Innerkrewe suspension.
  1. One of the greatest honors we bestow upon on our Royalty is a decadent float, and one of the ways krewedelusion distinguishes itself as a premier parading community is the creation of a spectacular title float. To this end, all Innerkrewes will participate in the building of our title and royalty floats and agree to such upon paying their dues. Each Innerkrewe will commit a minimum of one (1) hour per parade participant (with the exception of an Innerkrewe members serving on a committee) to this endeavor. A master sign-up sheet will be available to Innerkrewe Captains so they may ensure the required hours of float collaboration hours have been fulfilled; we want to be considerate to the people who make our communal floats.
  1. krewedelusion is committed to addressing and investigating any issues of contention that may arise as swiftly as possible and to this end will have a standing Resolution Committee. krewedelusion does not interfere with the innerworkings or internal disputes of our Innerkrewes and consider those to be internal matters. While it is our tradition to address concerns at our annual post-mortem, issues may be brought to the Resolution Committee at any time. In the event the Resolution Committee cannot resolve a matter, external mediation will be sought and parties agree to participate in this process.  Raising an issue and not participating in this process is grounds for suspension.
  1. The Captain (plus 3 max) WILL attend and pay for meal(s) at the Captains’ Dinner, Thursday, February 10, 2021. This is the official and private coronation. Each Innerkrewe will bestow a very special gift to the royalty. Each Innerkrewe will gift a signature throw to the Captain of each Innerkrewe. This is our night to appreciate and enjoy our uniqueness, our community and our royalty!

krewedelusion will provide:

  1. A parade date, route, insurance and mandated police escort.
  1. krewedelusion royalty and floats: Leading the parade, ruling over the membership of krewedelusion and charged with the custody, care and maintenance of all the Universe, OUR royalty/title floats represent all of us (even if you additionally have Innerkrewe royalty/ float).
  1. krewedelusion provides internal security and encourages each Innerkrewe to provide its own security team. Innerkrewe security team members can pay the discounted parade-participation fee of $50, and the ratio of Innerkrewe parading member to Innerkrewe security team member should be reasonable. The Innerkrewe security team members should be costumed so that all may recognize their status. Additional information regarding security is discussed during Captain’s meetings.
  1. We aspire to pay musicians well, however this year we will be unable to provide the usual $800.00 Band Stipend. If your Innerkrewe wants to roll with a band, krewedelusion will still contract with the and pay their deposit, however, this year Innerkrewes will be responsible for paying the remainder of their fee and those monies must be submitted prior to the Captain’s dinner discussed above.