New Krewes:

Krewe of Sustainable Uplift

Krewe of Sustainable Uplift

Krewe of Full Bush – Facebook

Mardi Gras Krewe full of fuzzy humans and earth dwellers. Pro-Hair.

The Bayou Babes of N.O. – Facebook

We are a Fierce, Fun and Free Spirited Marching Art Collective. Our goal is to bring joy and fun to the parade route while solidly contributing to the community through philanthropic endeavors! We are also focusing on the DIY nature of costuming and contraptions so if you are an artist at heart and love getting crafty come aboard!

Returning Krewes:

Mystic Krewe of London, France & Underpants – Facebook

The Mystic Krewe of London, France & Underpants is on a mission to drop panties all over your french quarter! See us annually at Krewe Delusion!

Krewe of Hellarious Wingnuts

Krewe of Hellarious Wingnuts – Facebook

Devoted to celebrating innovators, creators, and the many people who create progress.

The Merry Antoinettes

The Merry Antoinettes – Facebook

As a creative collaborative of scandalous party queens, we embrace the extravagance of the French 18th century and bring it to life all year round, by participating in events throughout the city. Mardi Gras is our primary playground doused in Champagne, but beware we love to throw cake!

Krewe of R.U.M.

Krewe of R.U.M.


KREWE DAT 504 – Facebook – Website

Ain’t No Dat Like A Krewe Dat! Krewe Dat 504 is dedicated to Protecting – Respecting and Projecting 504 CULTURE*. Our Soul Purpose is to connect the world to New Orleans and all the good that New Orleans has to offer.

Krewe What Thou Wilt

Krewe What Thou Wilt – Facebook – Website

“Krewe What Thou Wilt,” established 2015 e.v., is the official Mardi Gras Krewe of the New Orleans Ordo Templi Orientis body, Alombrados Oasis. We roll the first parading night of Mardi Gras season and are honoured to do so under the auspices of krewedelusion, a satirical and surrealist Mardi Gras parade – “a parade with a purpose on the night of delusion.” We are the first officially recognized O.T.O. presence in Carnival.

Krewe of Krakatoa

Krewe of Krakatoa – Facebook

Krewe du Krakatoa is the living embodiment of Tiki culture in New Orleans. We are resurrecting the grand Poly Pop tradition. Aloha!

Krewe of Goddesses

Krewe of Goddesses – Facebook

New Orleans Mardi Gras Krewe devoted to celebrating, inspiring and empowering women.

Krewe De Seuss – Website – Facebook

Whimsically Ridiculous and Frivolously Preposterous.

Krewe of King James

Krewe of King James – Facebook

Don’t take no mess for Mardi Gras. Get on up and get on the good foot, in honor of King James Brown, Soul Brother #1. Our mission: Get Up Offa That Thing!
Founded in 2014 in New Orleans by DJ Soul Sister, the Krewe of King James will take to the streets of New Orleans during Mardi Gras to spread the mission of James Brown, Soul Brother #1, to “get up offa that thing.”

Guise of Fawkes Krewe

Guise of Fawkes Krewe – Facebook – Tumblr – Website

A Revolution themed krewe that parades with krewedelusion and at other times of the year, Guise of Fawkes honors arrested anons, whistle-blowers, and political prisoners. Our themes involve protesting corporate corruption, and our demonstrations raise awareness to carry on the work of those who sacrificed their freedom for all of us.


TAP DAT – Facebook – Website

TAP DAT is New Orleans’ all-inclusive, funky and fabulous krewe of dancing women. We practice, perform and parade together while allowing the good to flow between, among and through us. As an open community of joyous tap dancers, TAP DAT is committed to empowering each other, and those who experience our group, through the art of dance. We embrace new members year-round and support each other in our individual and business endeavors. We are led by Nicole Miner and supported by her local studio, City Park Movement and Art.

The Krewe of Won!!!

The Krewe of Won!!!

Skinz n Bonez

Skinz n Bonez – Website

Enjoy yourself. It’s later than you think.

Founding Krewes:

The Pony Girls

The Pony Girls – Facebook

The Pony Girls are a Mardi Gras krewe of Amazonian height women that pull their Queen in the New Orleans parades.
Established 2005.

Krewe du Sue

Krewe du Sue

Krewe of Bananas

Krewe of Bananas – Facebook

We’re a mardi gras walking krewe named after a dog who was named after a fruit.
Krewe of Bananas is a sub krewe of krewedelusion.

The Alkreweists

The Alkreweists – Facebook

The Alkreweists, a subkrewe of krewedelusion, formed in 2010 of folks who came to New Orleans to help in some part of the recovery process and stayed.

Krewe du Jieux

Krewe du Jieux – Website – Facebook

Organized in 1996, Krewe du Jieux is a free spirited parade organization dedicated to deflating the stereotypes that have been historically aimed at the Jewish People. Through laughter, satire, holy intentions, our goal is to co-opt and eradicate these stereotypes in the minds of others so that we can be truly free to live our lives empowered in ourselves and free from fear and persecution. The Krewe arranges a calendar of events throughout the year including the Rosh Hashanah Apology Party, Chanukah Second Line Parade, Passover KreweSeder and the Running of the Jieuxs during Mardi-Gras!

6t’9 Social Aid & Pleasure Club – Facebook

Noisician Coalition- Website – Facebook


Camel Toe Lady Steppers – Website – Facebook

The Camel Toe Lady Steppers are an all-female Mardi Gras dance troupe that embodies the carnivalesque and celebrates the spirit of carnival all year. Born out of a Halloween costume in 2003, the group has since grown into a 50-member ensemble that showcases both staged and parade-driven performances inspired by the traditions of parading, cabaret, camp, Fosse, and Burlesque. The Camel Toes’ principal appearance each year is the Thursday-night Mardi Gras Krewe of Muses parade, but you can also catch us performing in support of other local acts, businesses and organizations, such as the Roots of Music, DJ Soul Sister, WWOZ, and the New Orleans Bingo Show.

Amigos de los Amigos – Facebook

We are a performance group that seeks to play with and call into question ways that “amigos” have been portrayed and to create a venue for “amigos” to participate in the most beautiful of traditions: the parade.

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